Gast college Breda

Niene Boeijen

Niene Boeijen

Propedeuse Art Academy

MSc Geo Information Science

Internship Geo Web Visualization

Maptime Amsterdam & Utrecht

Web Cartographer


Utrecht, the Netherlands

Data - Design - Technology


Utrecht, the Netherlands

We make interactive maps & geo data visualizations

Our expertise is open {source; data; standards}

We combine cartography with web technology

Bij Webmapper

Elke dag programmeren..

& creatief bezig zijn

What I make:

Inspireren tot het meer gebruiken van GIS!?

Wat willen jullie weten?

  • Wat is GIS voor jullie?

  • Wanneer zou je GIS gebruiken?

  • Wanneer niet?

Let's talk maps!

"Everything is related to everything else, but near things are more related than distant things"

Tobler's first law of geography

Maps = Collection of Geo data

Maps organize complex data about the environment.

Reveal patterns and relationships.

Maps allow us to communicate about location using a common framework

Power of Maps

Maps make sense of things.
They lend order to complex environments, and they reveal patterns and relationships.

Information may be infinite, however... The organization of information is finite as it can only be organized by LATCH:

  • Location
  • Alphabet
  • Time
  • Category
  • Hierarchy

Richard Saul Wurman, 1996

millions of bits of information on a single page. No other method for the display of statisial information is so powerfull.

Edward R. Tufte

Power of Maps

.. why so many relate to maps and geography is that we have no choice but to think and see spatially.

Allen Carroll


Power of Beautiful maps

They stimulate both sides of our brain: the right side that’s intuitive and aesthetic, and the left side that’s rational and analytical. Maps are this wonderful combination of both.

Allen Carroll

Data Analyse

Exploratie & communicatie

There has never been more open data available than at this moment in time, and everyone from global NGOs to armchair hobbyists are using that data to create maps. [source]

Cartografie & GIS is geen niche meer:

  • Big data
  • Massaconsumptie
  • Open source sofware
  • Open data


"IF you torture the data long enough, it will confess to anything."

Ronald Coase

Whishfull thinking

Kennis is data maar data is nog geen kennis

“Above all else show the data.” ― Edward R. Tufte, The Visual Display of Quantitative Information


Blijf critisch!

Data valkuilen..

Liegen met kaarten

het is heel makkelijk..

Valkuilen cartografie



When maps lie..


Geen heat maps!

Data gedreven visualisaties

Interactief en programmeren

Berlins Neue skyline BAG 3D

Jenks natural breaks optimization

1.83 - 2.68 - 4.93 - 7.28 - 9.13 - 14.96 - 21.13 - 40.86 - 68.59 - 125.71 - 332.12
2.18 - 7.53 - 7.60 - 9.22 - 12.35 - 14.72 - 15.53 - 24.88 - 31.06 - 61.72

Analyse is key voor de visualisatie

Visualisatie is key voor de analyse

Hoe dan?



ArcGis for Urban planners


PDOK Publieke dienstverlening op de kaart

CBS Centraal Burea voor statestiek

NGR Nationaal Geo Register Gemeenten Provincie portalen

OSM, Natureal earth

The Humanitarian Data Exchange

European Enviornment data

European Data Portal

Het is niet makkelijk...!

3D & Augmented reality

  • vgis
  • blog
  • Arcgis Urban
  • Holoplanning
  • tijd voor een DEMO

    • Wat is GIS voor jullie?

    • Wanneer zou je GIS gebruiken?

    • Wanneer niet?

    • 3D en Augmented reality tools, Wat vinden jullie?

    Online workshops

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